Mia Hamm’s college career: North Carolina highlights and notable moments

Mia Hamm became a soccer icon at North Carolina. A four-time champion, record-shattering icon that helped the Tar Heels cement their status as a college soccer dynasty. But before she stepped on a field at UNC, she was already changing the game.

In 1987, Hamm was not like most 15-year-olds.

Most teens spend their afternoons consumed by homework or an extra curricular activity. Hamm fulfilled her duties in the classroom, but never before had a 15-year-old debuted for the United States Women’s National Team.

Hamm was a trailblazer, the youngest to ever play for her country. Appearing on the national stage was like a tremor, a precursor to something more groundbreaking. When Hamm arrived at North Carolina, her time in Chapel Hill seemed like one shockwave after another.


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