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UNC Women’s Soccer was #2 in attendance for the 2019 season with an average of 2,423 fans. UNC Women’s Soccer had several sell-out crowds with over 4,200 fans!

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the loudest, most passionate soccer fans at UNC.

Who We Are

Formed by Carolina students who fell in love with UNC’s soccer programs, Anson’s Army seeks to support the boys and girls in blue in any way they can including showing out at games, belting songs and chants together, hanging out with the players, and participating in many other pre and post-game antics to show devotion to our teams.

Our Name

We are named after the legendary UNC Head Women’s team Coach Anson Dorrance who was also the first UNC player to receive a soccer scholarship. Coach Dorrance has one of the most successful coaching careers in all of athletics. Dorrance has worked with both the women’s and men’s soccer programs at UNC winning 21 out of 37 NCAA Women’s Soccer Championships and has also coached the US Women’s National Team winning the first Women’s World Cup with them.

Our Mission

Be the OFFICIAL supporters of all of UNC’s outstanding soccer teams. We want to create a passionate and dedicated group of supporters who have a presence at every game. We want to educate our fans through the inspirational power of cheers and songs. We hope to strengthen the fan base by creating a more electric atmosphere that will attract others.

Importance of Supporters:

With the rich history of Carolina’s soccer programs, we need to have a strong base of supporters to match. We have the fans, but we must have the organization to create a more unified culture. The more unified the fans, the stronger their presence becomes. This creates a more passionate atmosphere where team performance is strengthened and the game of soccer is cherished by the surrounding community.  This is what Anson’s Army is all about: supporting players and creating an impact. 

Things to know:

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Code of Conduct

What does it mean to be part of Anson's Army?
It means that you are the front line supporters: the loudest, most passionate soccer fans at UNC!
You are part of something bigger than yourself. Therefore, you will respect others whether or not they respect you.
Slurs, derogatory language, physical harm and/or threats of physical harm towards anyone are completely unacceptable. We will not tolerate or encourage inappropriate language or chants. If you fail to adhere to the code, we retain the right to remove you from Anson's Army and we have the support of the University to ban you from future UNC soccer events.

Songs & Chants

Anson’s Army believes in spirited engagement.
We have several songs and chants we use when game time comes around. 

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